Close more sales, realize greater profits!

The M6- 6 bike floor display:

  • The M6 displays 6 bikes, 3 each side and is incredibly easy to use.
  • The M6 floor display requires 20 sq. feet of floor space or 3.3 square feet per bike (60" wide x 48" deep).
  • The M6 includes 6.3 square feet of additional merchandising space per bike.
  • Thatís 60% more bikes per square foot as standard bike displays plus 38 square feet of merchandising space.


  • 10 bike standup island display requires 56 square feet of floor space or 5.6 sq. ft. per bike (7' wide x 8' long). No merchandising capability.
  • 12 bike 2 tier display requires 60 sq. ft. of floor space or 5 sq. ft. per bike (10'6" wide x 70" deep).
  • No merchandising capability.
  • Plus an additional 60 sq. ft. to remove and replace bikes.